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Mortidella's Wardrobe 2024

Welcome to my wardrobe!
I mostly wear muted colours with a pretty limited colour palette. It's what I like!
The order is pretty random.
I'm sorry the photo quality is bad again :(
January lighting is basically non-existant.

Dresses Skirts Tops Socks & Stuff Shoes & Bags



Mary Ladder Lace JSK

Gardening Teddy Tiered JSK

Sailor Shirt Dress OP

Gobelin Teddy Dress Coat
My newest purchase! It's definitely more of a coat than a dress. Still cute though.

Coat OP with Cape
I love how this feels like a christmas picnic blanket :P
Plus, it has pockets AND shoulder pads.
I thought this would pass as a normie dress (very dumb),
but people stare a lot when I wear this in particular. I don't know why, haha!

Cherry Print JSK
Favourite part about this dress is the lace.

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

BABY Border Hem Scallop JSK

Tartan Check Hem Scallop JSK
Cutest dress ever, also first lolita dress I bought so it's special.
The elastic has stretched again :( I can fix it though.
It always hangs folded in two on a hanger, but I don't know. I didn't do it perfectly to begin with.
PSA to newbies: Don't store your dresses like in this picture, the elastic will stretch!

Karami Triple Tiered JSK
Probably my favourite summer dress!

Babydoll JSK & Princess Drop Headdress
Still obsessed with this dress.

Velveteen Babydoll JSK
Love. Last time I wore this it was to a normie christmas party.
It really does look like a christmas dress.

Floral JSK
I bought this specifically to wear to tea parties...
I haven't worn it yet :/ It's so pretty though.

Angelic Pretty

Dream Sky JSK
It really doesn't fit in with the rest of my wardrobe,
but it's definitely staying :D

Angelic School Sailor OP
I love AP sailor dresses! Especially from that era. I want more!!
...I haven't figured out how to get this one to suit me yet.


Rose Stripe JSK
Cute dress! It's very nice to wear casually.

Emily Temple Cute.
I love styling this in a lolita way so I'm including it :P



Gingham Cherry Skirt with Belt
Love this skirt so much. The colours are so beautiful.

Thumbelina Skirt

Cherry Print Gingham Skirt
I've had this for a long time so it has a special place in my heart.

Plain Sailor Skirt

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

Angel Grosgrain Skirt
First skirt I bought... I've been determined over the years to make it work for me.
It's really cute, though.

Tulip Karami Skirt


Pointe Shoes Embroidery Skirt Emily Temple Cute
ETC has so many pretty embroidery designs!! I want more.

Probably my most worn skirt, it's just perfect.

Café Rose Appliqué Velvet Skirt Violet Fane
I love this skirt! First thing I bought from Violet Fane.
One of my favourite indie brands for sure.

MILK! It's slightly short but I think it looks cute.

Clair de Lune Flare Gathered Skirt Maxicimam



BTSSB, AP, Putumayo


BTSSBx3! Yes this is my favourite blouse design haha!!, AP, Meta (listen... I'll make a new little thing to tuck the scarf into one day)

Maxicimam, Meta, Meta.
LOVE a good casual top.

Handmadex2, BTSSB



BTSSB, Handmade

Jane Marple, Peace now, Black peace now

Socks & Stuff

Handmade + BTSSB + AP + AP + Meta

AP + BTSSB + AP + Meta + Meta + Meta

Bodyline + ?Primark? + BTSSB + BTSSB + AP

This is how I store my socks. I love those little happy boxes.

BTSSB + BTSSB + Meta + Meta + Maxicimam + BTSSB

Handmade + Bodyline
Should I Make A Caveman Themed Coord With My Bone Headdress (they're earmuffs).

All BTSSB except for bottom right which is Meta

Left is a BTSSB petticoat I bought second-hand. I wear this with most coords,
though some dresses and skirts look good without. It adds a nice amount of poof.
The one on the right is one I got with the blue tartan BTSSB JSK.
It's good if I need very minimal poof, otherwise it's good for layering.

Wunderwelt Original Volume Petticoat I think I've linked the right one.
As you can tell, this is too poofy to even hang up on my closet like the rest of my stuff. It's very poofy indeed.
I don't wear this often, but I have some dresses that look completely flat unless they have this under them.
So it's good to have.

And here's my old bodyline petticoat! :) Just look at it. It doesn't really do anything for volume,
but I've kept it since my main petticoat is black and I have some white dresses (so I wear both).

Pic on the right is how I store them + bloomers.
This is a very good way to store them. I thought I was being trolled when I first read it,
but I've done this for many years and it works well for me.

Shoes & Bags

Demonia + Demonia + Bodyline + Antaina

Bodyline + Meta

Innocent World + BTSSB
Look at how my Innocent World bag has deteriorated :(
I guess I should wrap something around the handles.

What a perfect way to end this entry.

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