Mortidella's Wardrobe 2021

I wanted to make a wardrobe post for the first time! I tried to take some detail shots as well because why not.
My wardrobe is still small, and is a mix of old and new. I thought it would be nice to see how much it grows until next year!


Angelic Pretty

Dream Sky JSK (2011)
Dream dress!! I'd love to someday get the OP as well, since that cut is my actual ultimate dream dress but this will keep me satisfied for a long time, I think.


Sailor Shirt Dress OP (2020)
I'm going to wear this til it falls apart. One of my favourite Meta silhouettes.

Jewel Butterfly High Waist JSK (2010)
Can you see the glitter in the print? I love this dress but I want to get better at coording this sort of thing...

Cherry Print JSK (2002)
I love the lace on this so much! The skirt on this dress is huuge, I love it.

Crown Label JSK (2009)
I love to wear this as a sundress.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Babydoll JSK (2020)
A lovely dress with lovely lace.

Velveteen Babydoll JSK (2020)
This was a Christmas present for myself.

Tartan Check Scalloped JSK (2003)
I think it's this one. My first lolita dress!

BABY Border Hem Scallop JSK (2006)
I love how bold this is. It brightens my day...



Gingham Cherry Skirt with Belt (2007)
My dream skirt! I was so happy to finally get it last year.

Cherry Print Gingham Skirt (2005)
One of my favourite skirts. I love the little heart pocket, and just everything about it.

Thumbelina Skirt (2007)

Cherry Berry Skirt (2010)

Sweets Print Skirt (2008)

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Angel Grosgrain Skirt (2007)

Karami Skirt (Not sure what year)


Unknown Cornet skirt. Has faded lace :p I do love this skirt a lot though, it goes with everything.



Angelic Pretty, BTSSBx2

Metamorphose, BTSSB

BTSSB (bad lighting but it's pink)

Cutsews, boleros, cardigans

BTSSB, handmade


AP, Bodyline


Modified jumpers

Emily Temple Cute


BTSSB, handmade



My favourite things that I own to be honest

Innocent World, modified bag, random offbrand bag that I like


Bodyline, Antaina, Demonia

I didn't remove the inner soles from the Demonias, if you're wondering what that is

Random, Bodylinex2

BTW I'm sorry the blue ones look gross, there used to be inner soles in them and they were sticky underneath apparently


Headwear, wristcuffs, socks


BTSSBx3, Metamorphose

Bodyline, handmade

APx2, BTSSB, Bodyline, Random


BTSSB on top, AP on bottom

Random other stuff


Metamorphose necklace, BTSSB ring

AP moon ring and bracelet, mostly random stuff I like to wear

Other stuff I wear a lot. Everything else I wear is just kind of plain.

Thank you for reading all the way to the end! Here's an Usakumya.

This year I plan on getting more blouses and socks, plus hopefully some main pieces off my wishlist.

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