This is where I post different things that I make in my free time. I to sew and I want to share what I get up to.

15.10.2021 Fur Muff

It's a fur muff! It has a pocket as well, so it doubles as a bag. I struggled a lot to figure out where the layers should go on the zipper, but the end result is at least functional. I also used a handbag strap that I don't otherwise use.
9.8.2021 Mop hat

I had wanted one of these for a long time, so I finally made one. It was super quick to make!
1.8.2021 Tiered skirt + Matching top

I had wanted to make a skirt like this for a while, and finally sat down and did it. It didn't take long at all. I used 12 meters of lace for this, and it's pretty low quality, so I'm glad it at least looks ok all ruffled up.

I ended up making a matching top, too. It was my first time properly using elastic thread, so it was kind of fun.
16.3.2021 Angel top

I upcycled an old top that was so worn it maybe should have been thrown out. I couldn't do too much with it, so it's pretty simple. I stuck a little angel on it that I drew.

I put wings on the back, which I also think is a perfect mix of cheesy and cute. My sister said I made them look like fingers, she might be right.
It's nice to do this sort of thing since the fabric shops are shut.
6.3.2021 Headscarf

I like headscarves. I wanted to make the same type as the white one I have, but I did not have a big enough piece of this fabric to do it. I really wanted something to match the first skirt I ever made. It had to be a slightly different type of headscarf, but I think it worked out in the end.
11.2.2021 Socks with wings

It's not an original idea. I saw a picture of this on the internet and wanted to make my own, though I think you can get this kind of thing from many different places. I thought it was the perfect mix of cheesy and cute. I just used an old pair of socks I had. The wings I made are a bit shabby looking.
20.10.2020 Jumper with knit lace

I made a black one too, with different lace this time. I've discovered that I really enjoy knitting lace, I want to start adding it to everything I make haha.
20.10.2020 Jumper with knit lace

I think I can say I fixed this, I attached the lace in a way that made more sense and looks better. It looks pretty much the same on this tiny photo, though.

30.9.2020 Old version

I knitted lace for the first time! I had been wanting a jumper like this for years, so I thought I might try making one myself. I'm very new to the world of knitting but it ended up being really fun.

I think the neck of the jumper is a bit smaller than I would have liked it to be, so it became a bit lumpy. Though what I did learn from this is that I'm not good at matching yarn colours. I'd say it's a moderate success, but I'm still gonna wear it...

Here's a close-up of the lace. I made this leaf pattern, which I think is pretty common.

7.10.2020 Leopard headdress

Made this ridiculous thing. I have a bunch of this furry leopard fabric and decided to use it for this. The design is inspired by a Metamorphose headdress I own.
1.10.2020 Earmuffs

These are supposed to be earmuffs to go with my cape.
30.9.2020 Circle cape

Made this circle cape, it's huge and warm.
23.6.2020 Summer top

Made a top recently, a T-shirt redesign just as the last top I posted here. A fun and easy project.
23.6.2020 Straw bag

I tried to make a straw bag cute and practical. The photo editing is not very good, sorry about that.
7.5.2020 Sunflower cutsew

Finished making a "cutsew" with a giant sunflower!
February 2020 Doll outfit

Outfit I made for my cute doll.