29.02.2024  2024 Wardrobe post!

24.07.2023  Updated journal

29.12.2022  Old pic posted in space

26.01.2022  2022 Wardrobe post

22.10.2021  Updated crafting journal

28.08.2021  Added new plant to garden

10.08.2021  Updated journal and crafting journal (dates reflect the time the piece was finished)

26.05.2021  Added links.html, hopefully everything is correct and working properly.

4.10.2020  Updated my site quite a bit. I'm sorry if something doesn't work. I'll update it more soon.

21.07.2020  Background on "Garden" page has been switched back to non-pixelated version, after a complaint from my mother.

31.5.2020   Hello, nice to meet you. I was feeling nostalgic for piczo so I made this. It has changed a lot already... I'm a beginner so I can't do much, but I'm having a lot of fun. I hope you can enjoy what I've done so far. This place inspires me to create, and it feels good to do whatever I want.
I want to do a lot more!!!

15.1.2020  Website created.