Went shopping ^__^ It's nice to have weekdays off sometimes. I needed some presents, but I'm trying to resist buying nice stuff since I'm going on holiday soon.

Wardrobe post 2024! Click on the picture...

Yes I'm late... I actually took all the pictures in January but failed to post in time.


What's in my bag? Lolita edition????Wallet

The second volume of J.R.R. Tolkien's high fantasy novel, The Two Towers

Fits perfectly!


I missed this.
Pictures are from last Saturday. I had a really good day out and I bought a bunch of cute stuff.
There are so many cool second hand shops where I live and I love it so much. It's so rainy lately though...
So, last year I started playing Genshin Impact on a whim, and I became so addicted that playing the game was basically the only thing I did for the whole year.
I obviously went to work like normal, but the vast majority of my free time was spent playing video games...
Basically I didn't go out much, and when I did my coord looked weird or the picture was bad so I didn't post much at all.
So, I'd like to post more again. Just because.

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